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The significant cost that is spent during the establishment of any manufacturing unit is during assembly setup. AGS provides value addition services with the core motive of helping foreign Automotive and Manufacturing Companies to access low-cost assembly in India. How is it possible? AGS has prepared reports one of which include land analysis that plays a crucial role in setting up an assembly. Such a service is very beneficial for foreign manufacturers as it helps them utilise their capital in the correct sectors. This business feature offered by us works to benefit the 'Make in India' campaign that encourages international companies to introduce modern technology. AGS is the ultimate centre that guides in the identification of manpower, plant and building so as to bring the cost down and operate in a competitive manner. There are situations where foreign manufacturers face a struggle in acquiring a sales license. AGS very well manages this mess. Besides audit departments, our team of experts also ensure that companies maintain packaging standards that are fit for local use.

Whenever a global brand recognises the need to establish its business in a foreign land, it should conduct a thorough research of the costs and outflow of resources associated with realising such an intent. Even if it be necessary for such a brand to make an alliance with a solution provider such as ours, the global brand should plan to work upon such an alliance and benefit from the research and expertise of such an expert. At AGS, we believe in working along the lines of established facts and detailed reports, collected solely by our innovative team, so that the results and conclusions that we reach upon can be reliably attributed to a concrete level of understanding and support.

  • For this reason, we have extended our ambit of services to cover an extensive level of assembly and value addition services.
  • At AGS, a dedicated team works with wilful determination and reliable resources to gather information about the basics and details of establishing a business in the Automotive sector in India, such that adequate deliberation is diverted towards consideration of value addition activities that can be realised and worked upon for the betterment of the business plan of the global brand.
  • With highly beneficial services provided by AGS, global companies can successfully recognise their full potential and act upon profitable sectors in a foreign land, charged and geared with the right information and resources for setting up their manufacturing units in that country. From start to end, AGS is determined to provide reliable services.

- Get the best Assembly and value addition support with AGS
- Team AGS is the leading service provider in this field
- See your business growing to new heights with the revolutionary services of AGS
- We give best solution to the how and why of Assembly and value addition domain
- Simplified solution and detailed analysis of even the minutest details
- Brief overview of every single detail
- Use of reliable resources and efficient manpower
- Recognition of full potential and realisation of profits
- Reliable services at all times
- Complete customer satisfaction

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