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AGS is efficient in offering complete solutions to automotive manufacturers who wish to set up base in India. Over the past few years, numerous automotive manufacturers have eyed the Indian markets. They seek conditions which can help them access quick growth. AGS makes sure that its clients are served with services that assist them to access low-cost manufacturing along with full supply chain channel in India. What can AGS do for the establishment of automotive companies? Our team has the expertise in planning entry level strategies for foreign automotive companies so that they can manage low-value assembly. In the past, we have served international manufacturers from the automotive segment that deal in Auto HVAC Components, Condenser, Cabin Air Filters, Control Modules, Receiver Drier, Casting, Rubber Parts, etc. All related markets for these products are managed by AGS. We focus on offering complete guidance to foreign manufacturers under a relaxed setup. All plans are framed in accordance with the company’s wish and market desires.

At AGS, we realise that India presents a nice opportunity for global brands to come and invest and even reap huge benefits from their operations. Therefore, we are dedicated to simplifying the business domain for global companies that wish to delve into the automotive sector of the Indian markets. In the light of such possibility, surely every global level manufacturer aims to walk along a path that can reap them the maximum benefits, at continuously lower costs. AGS, on the same lines, is committed to providing exemplary services that can help its clients to access the Indian markets and achieve their business goals.

  • Embarking upon the journey of business leadership and brand recognition in the context of Indian markets, can prove to be a difficult task if one is not working along the right lines of recognising the true areas of growth and areas that need to be worked upon.
  • AGS provides customer centric solutions to its customers such that identification of right areas that need to be worked upon can be identified. AGS is capable of providing the right set of information and details that can help navigate the various fields of automotive field.
  • For complete guidance and apt details that can help your business to reach the heights that you were always willing to achieve, becomes a liveable aim which you can achieve by an efficient partnering with AGS. Our team offers plans and guidance that is centric to your specific needs and business requirements.

- Automotive sector is India, among the highest sought after industries in the country
- Effective exploration of opportunities for developing business opportunity and setting up business
- Reaping of maximum benefits for global company
- complete guidance and apt details for effective development in the field and realisation of maximum benefits
- Inherent capacity development for business leadership and brand recognition at continually lower real cost
- exemplary services by dedicated team for realising aims of global companies
- Effective partnering solutions between host country, client and AGS team
- Successful recognition of targets at low cost and maximum yield

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