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AGS is a trusted partner which has helped foreign Consumer and Retail Products companies setup their centre in India. This sector faces fierce competition which can hamper the functioning of international brands in the local markets. With AGS by their side, these companies can flourish without any hindrance. We manage all the services which the aim to supporting the company’s development in the local markets. How does this support by AGS proves helpful? Systematic plans are framed by us so that foreign manufacturers can understand the current local marketing trends. AGS offers solutions to consumer products like Mobile, Tablet, Small Home Appliances, and Audio-Video Products along with Health and Wellness Products. If foreign manufacturers wish for a safe and secure establishment in India, then AGS is indeed the perfect guide.

The consumer and retail market is a fast flourishing and developing segment of the Indian market. Owing to the fierce competition that is faced by this segment, the industry is fast susceptible to throwing out inefficient and incapable players from the track of competing in the business. Thus, it is very essential that global brands who are willing to penetrate the Indian market through this industry, should be well equipped with adequate knowledge and factors that can determine the rate of success in the industry.

  • There are several pointers that indicate the key success factors of every industry and as such, the consumer and retail segment of the Indian markets is highly characterised by frequent changes and dynamism, owing to unstable business environment.
  • In such cases, it is advisable for global brands, who are willing to navigate inside this segment, to partner with a solution provider such as AGS solutions, who can provide customer centric and targeted results.
  • AGS conducts frequent research and partnering with eminent players of this segment, to compile results and information base, which can prove to be useful and important for entering and staying in this segment.
  • AGS can also provide the correct value analysis of entering the consumer and retail segment so that a global brand can analyse the profitability of entering in this segment.
  • Systematic plans are framed by us so that foreign manufacturers can understand the current local marketing trends.

- Fastest growing and possessing a wide scope for development is the consumer and retail market in India
- An effective means for global companies to reap maximum benefits and yields
- Equipping clients with the right information on timely basis to help them navigate effectively through the market industry
- Conducting frequent research activities and providing expert advisory services
- Compiling data and results over period of time to ensure achievement of stated targets
- Systematic planning and devising of policies for taking benefit of evolving market opportunities
- the correct value analysis of entering the consumer and retail segment

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