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Several popular international electronics manufacturers have strived to enter the Indian market. What makes India a modern hub for market expansion? The cost of manufacturing is quite subsidised in the country which has pulled foreign investors in no time. The Electronics segment is one major market which AGS has focused on. Foreign companies can seek our guidance for establishing their position in India. We offer value addition and assembly services for helping electronics manufacturers set up a vast supply chain operations here. This service is extremely helpful for companies as it reduces the load of exploring random markets without the subject knowledge. We are there to help foreign manufacturers experience a comfortable expansion. AGS also offers solutions such as EMS Services, LED Light Parts, Automotive Electronics, Body Control Modules, Wire Harness and PCB. We make sure all these products receive test feedbacks that ultimately prove to be of great help for manufacturing companies in framing exact distribution plans.

AGS spreads its wings and provides expert level services even in the field of electronics. For several years, many global leaders have eyed the Indian subcontinent and strived to enter the Indian markets and develop as a global player. Obviously, achievement of a reasonable level of profits and market share is a considerable aim of every such entrant. This is where the role of AGS comes in. Since India is a modern hub for the electronics segment, the cost of manufacturing has been found to be highly subsidised and standard. This is the reason why foreign investors find it a very lucrative field to be entered into.

  • AGS helps such global companies by helping them understand and navigate the system of Indian markets so that the best benefits can be reaped in. By delving into the field of electronics, global companies can stand to gain immense advantage.
  • AGS solutions helps the global companies by helping them reduce the costs incurred in exploring and gaining knowledge about the Indian markets as this work is performed very well by the staff at AGS.
  • This level of sophisticated services by AGS is achieved perfectly and with such perfection that it is hard to overlook the necessity of partnering with AGS. AGS helps in servicing the electronics market with perfection and apt skills so that economies can be achieved.

- Electronics field in India is among the fastest developing in India
- Partnering with global leaders in Indian sub continent for realisation of targets
- Achievement of reasonable profits and maximum returns on investment
- AGS team is recognised for its effective planning and support activities
- AGS team specialises in the field of electronics and analysing success factors to compete successfully and gain maximum returns
- Well performing outcomes expected through AGS team analysis and report delivery
- Provision of sophisticated services and out performing competitors in no time for effectively gaining market position

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