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AGS has spread its roots in different commercial sectors that have helped attract numerous clients. We are known to be an active partner that offers effective solutions in the Manufacturing segment. Partnership with our company ensures low-cost manufacturing in India. This useful service would automatically help foreign companies to establish supply chain channel and focus on core activities for market growth. It is hard to assist manufacturing companies when it comes to competing in local markets. However, AGS has its own set of methods that make the path smooth for foreign companies. If you are worried about the segments handled by AGS, then you must know that the company lends its partnership to small and medium size manufacturing clients who offer products such as castings, molding, sheet metal work, furniture, hardware, machinery, insulated glass units, components, electronic assemblies and capital equipment. AGS has been well-known for its secure and safety guidance establishing positive results. The team working under us has the skill and knowledge to explore every manufacturing sector and open gates for clients.

AGS provides an effective partnering within the Indian subcontinent and the local manufacturers within the country who can help you realise your goal of achieving the right level of manufacturing volume in India. Several global brands have always eyed the Indian subcontinent for installing their manufacturing capabilities in the country so that they can reap the gains and economies of benefits by manufacturing in India. India is fast growing to be the hub of manufacturing talent from all over the world. AGS solutions are customer centric and highly targeted to cater to the needs of global brands, willing to establish their business in India.

  • Being a global brand, being familiar with the entire scenario in relation to the Indian business world is not an easy task. This is where, AGS steps in and provides expert solutions to the global brands.
  • By partnering with us, you can get the benefit of learning everything about the scene of manufacturing in India. AGS also brings you in contact with low cost manufacturers in India, who have been operating since the last many years and have apt knowledge and experience about the manufacturing scene in India.
  • By connecting with these people, global companies can stand a chance to create a similar or new manufacturing scheme that can be operated effectively in India and gain can be reaped by the manufacturers.

- Manufacturing sector is India, among the highest sought after industries in the country
- Effective exploration of opportunities for developing business opportunity and setting up business
- Hands down with the local manufacturers in host country
- complete guidance and apt details for effective development in the field and realisation of maximum benefits
- exemplary services by dedicated team for realising aims of global companies
- Effective partnering solutions between host country, client and AGS team for exploring opportunities
- Successful recognition of targets at low cost and maximum yield
- Realisation of success strategies of local companies and how they succeed in the given resources

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