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For foreign companies related to the field of Automotive, High-end Engineering, Electronics, Renewable, Testing and Measurement, AGS offers Representation along with Liaison Services, which focuses on business expansion in India. Such an expansion requires expert guidance from the local arena that can help access a hassle free growth. Representation is critical in order to prove your existence. With AGS, you would be offered a platform to hit the local arena with all your might. Automotive Joint Ventures in India are very well managed by eliminating the option of opening a subsidiary company which can lead to extra expenses. AGS makes sure the capital is spent wisely so that it can be utilised in the vulnerable sectors for quick growth. Moreover, with the help of AGS, the foreign companies can gather deep insight about the local markets. One of the most effective operations of our company is to frame sales reports through test feedback. This proves very useful in checking market response for various products offered by these foreign companies.

AGS helps global companies to carry out effective representation and Liaison services as it possesses the right degree of knowledge and skill that helps promulgate the global company, the right set of steps to be followed so that they can gain competitive advantage and successfully establish their business in the highly developed automotive and engineering sectors in India. AGS is equipped with talented and skilled human resources, who are well adept at the task of handling representation requirements for their clients. They can help you manifest the right degree of interaction required to manage your entry into the Indian corporate domain.

  • Effective communication and response systems are employed to allow timely feedback and quick action. Liaison services with the legal representatives and concerned authorities is well achieved by our skilled staff.
  • On an overall level, AGS solutions are hard wired to match client requirement and provide excellent solutions by managing the representation services aptly. AGS renders a simple platform for global companies to manage and understand the business scenario of Indian companies and how they can operate efficiently without compromising on resources and money.
  • AGS allows global companies to act through our representatives, who are skilled at dealing with the Indian counterparts of the business domain and can navigate the complex system of formalities involved in the process.
  • In this way, the global companies can aim to minimise legal consequences upon failure to comply with necessary requirements and also, crucial resources can be spent wisely and their outflow minimised to a bare minimum.

- Get the best support with AGS
- Team AGS is the leading service provider in Representation and Liaison services
- Take your business to new heights with the effective services of AGS
- Global companies earn the best results with AGS solutions
- Explore new ways to charge ahead your business
- Get the best market research and associated reports for your business
- Earn more customers and take advantage of a favourable market situation
- Establish a strong customer base and competitive threshold in the host country
- Team AGS, forever research and result oriented for best customer satisfaction

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