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AGS is very much active in the technological sector that includes Testing and Measurement segment. We make sure foreign manufacturers are offered a variety of benefits to launching themselves in the Indian market. AGS frames entry level strategies that eventually help to represent these companies in the economic scenario. We make sure that our partners can access market gains in India under the minimum cost of production. Solutions offered by AGS cover providing products and services like Analysers, Geophysical Instruments, LED testing, NDT Testing, Process Control, Level and Flow Measurement. We are there to select advantageous market networks for our fellow partners so that they can be assured of positive results.

Testing and measurement is another segment of the market where AGS has sought to provide value added services. The technology sector is an ever happening and evolving segment of the Indian market. In the last few decades itself, this segment has witnessed tremendous growth and evolving developments, that have significantly altered the course of many Indian firms and the interest of several global brands in this sector. AGS has forever maintained a goal of enhancing the level of confidence with which their partners enter any given segment of the Indian markets.

  • AGS has forever been an active participant in the technological sector and has forever aimed to provide a decent level of service so that its partners can benefit. AGS is capable of transforming the business scenario and benefiting the global brands.
  • The services of AGS are provided in a way such that global brands can find a form of beneficial synergy from this sector.
  • AGS conducts frequent research and partnering with eminent players of this segment, to compile results and information base, which can prove to be useful and important for entering and staying in this segment.
  • With the host of sophisticated and detailed research conducted by AGS, it aims to bring the benefits of its studies to various global brands, willing to enter the Indian business domain.

- Equipping clients with the right information on timely basis to help them navigate effectively through the testing and measurement industry
- Conducting frequent research activities and providing expert advisory services to reap benefit of growing industry
- Compiling data and results over period of time to ensure achievement of stated targets
- Systematic planning and devising of policies for taking benefit of evolving market opportunities
- active participant in the technological sector to tap the potential of the industry and provide value analysis
- Gaining beneficial synergy from the utilisation of available resources and information

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