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AGS is a leading enterprise in the contemporary business scenario which provides value-added partnering with other companies to demonstrate the support for foreign firms in Automotive and Engineering line of business. It provides this value partnering by acting as selling partners, Joint Venture Partners, Representation and Liaison Office. The performance of this partnering is done on behalf of foreign partners in India. The strength of AGS lies in reputed and viable business alliances with Global Automotive and manufacturing companies for the Indian market. Further, the competency of the AGS lies in the field of Automotive and manufacturing. The enterprise also handles all strategic operations inherent to the business cycle and operation management.

AGS treasures a vast experience in launching various partners ranging among the various automotive, mobile and electronic domain in Indian markets. As part of its global strategy, AGS looks forward to establishing its footprint in the Indian market for enhanced business operations. Few of the target areas in which AGS aims to lead specialisation includes Market Intelligence, Automotive Joint Ventures, Supply Chain Support, low-cost assembly and manufacturing and more.

AGS embraces the opportunity to open partnership and ventures with other companies.

/// Core Value Proposition

Partnership with AGS allows enterprises a gateway to the Indian Market by offloading Sales Management, Inventory Management & dedicated Production Centers.

The flexible engagement models ensure that enterprises extend full control over business processes while insulating themselves from business externalities ad complications.

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Sales & Marketing Channel Establishment

AGS provides Sales and Marketing Channel Establishment to foreign partner companies who are willing to open sales centre in India and place the product on PAN India basis..

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Entry Level Strategy & Market Intelligence

AGS provides entry level strategy to foreign companies looking for making base in India and want it as destination on global footprint. The below sub category services are needed by the..

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Low Cost Production Set-up with Lean Team

AGS provides full support on low cost production setup by optimizing all components like man power, power utilities, building and infrastructures, share resources, low cost people..

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