You have designed and created a new product and are looking at avenues where you can get quality products at great prices. It is time for you to consider manufacturing in India.

There are several reasons why the industrial world is looking to this country.

• Availability of human expertise, both skilled and unskilled,

• Abundancy in raw materials,

• Improving logistics,

• Good quality services,

• Government’s Make in India initiatives,

• The low costs

The first and foremost requirement is to identify the right manufacturing partner in India. The country is huge and there is high competition in every industry. There is a significant development and the government is taking every step to make the country the hub of manufacturing.

Research and shortlist:

Collect complete details of the manufacturing units that pertain to your industry. Find where they are located, the ease of transportation, the experience they have, their financial background, and reputation.

Select the manufacturing partner in India wisely after due diligence. This is very important. Not everyone works with the same objectives. Find out their role. How legitimate is their business, what is their production capacity, who are their current customers, how competitively priced are they, and many similar?

If possible, have a one to one meeting to reconfirm all that has been put on paper.

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