Over the past few years, there is a significant change in the way business can be setup and done in India. Political stability, government initiatives, liberal economic policies, globally educated and experienced professional, labor, and a huge resource infrastructure etc. are some strong reasons why an organization must invest in manufacturing partner in India.

India is set to become the next manufacturing hub. Many multinational companies had made the move early and are reaping the fruits. However, some lag and were finding it difficult in the later days because of several uncertainties.

Transition of China:

Earlier China was a domineering source. However, now the China factor is almost closed as the country has outgrown the emerging nation stage. The country is expensive with rising power tariffs, high labor costs etc. This has upset the calculations of the global manufacturers.

Most viable alternative:

Your organization can get an easy foothold into the country by joining hands with the manufacturing partner in India. The government is obsessed with the “make in India” initiative and is focused to make it a success. Though there is still a lot more reforms required with the reforms policy, the country has created a stable platform for you to take advantage.

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